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At Radsol, we offer complete radiation management solutions for the Mining, Oil and Gas, and Industrial sectors.

Our highly experienced team can assist you, and your organisation’s specific radiation needs across all facets of operations, from project commencement and import of radioactive materials to installation, commissioning and decommissioning, compliance auditing and waste disposal.

With over 200 combined years of experience, our in-house consultants have vast regulation and industrial radiation management knowledge and the ‘know-how’, resources, and reputation to deliver prompt, custom-delivered solutions and service offerings Australia-wide.

We’ve helped qualify over


people to manage radiation risk

It is essential that all personnel exposed to radiation in a work environment be informed of the risks that are present.

We can provide training and assessment for you and your employees across the full range of use, protection, and monitoring of radiation sources, as well as awareness or induction training for new employees.


Know your risks,
manage them

Radsol’s Trainer and Assessors are Certificate IV Trainer & Assessor qualified, as well as experienced subject matter experts in their field. They are accomplished and proficient training delivery experts and are required to possess a high level of professionalism, interpersonal skills and a friendly, can-do attitude.

Radsol’s licensing courses are endorsed and approved across all Australian jurisdictions.


Keep your
people safe

Radsol are able to assist your organisation with training and preparing for incidents and also with providing advice, equipment and personnel for an emergency response or incident recovery as it occurs.

We have a number of specialist personnel who were previously Career Firefighters with Radiological and Hazardous Materials (Hazmat) response expertise. This unrivalled expertise has proved invaluable in bringing incidents or emergencies under control and to assist with remediation processes and subsequent incident investigation.



Radsol can provide your company with a licensed Radiation Protection Advisor and approved Radiation Protection Program for a single consignment or the ongoing transport of radioactive material.

We are able to oversee and transport sources identified as “Security Enhanced” under the ARPANSA Security Code of Practice.

Radsol are able to train, mentor and advise your personnel until they are competent and licensed to oversee the consignment, transport and storage of radioactive material autonomously on your companies behalf.


Our Courses

We provide a curriculum that is tailored to meet the needs of your specific industrial sector — Oil & Gas, Mining & Resources, Transport & Logistics, or the Education & Research sectors.

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We pride ourselves on our ability to meet our clients’ needs in a customised and timely manner.

The Radsol team are highly experienced and can offer tailored solutions for issues for where companies use, or personnel are exposed to radiation sources

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