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Radiation Management Systems Review

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Educated staff with an understanding and awareness of the necessary practices, procedures, monitoring, and compliance associated with radioactive material and x-ray apparatus are the key to safe and effective management of radiation sources at your worksite.

Radsol can assist you in developing and reviewing your management plans, providing you with the confidence and peace of mind that your company expectations and the necessary regulatory requirements will be met.

Radiation Management Plans

A functional radiation management system revolves around variable factors, but a key element is having high-quality radiation management procedures and documentation in place.

Effective Radiation management plans are a pivotal document. They should be developed to ensure company expectations and regulatory requirements are clearly communicated and met whilst also being clear and concise enough for all radiation workers to understand and implement.

Radsol can assist with any formal documentation required around your Radiation Management Documents, including:

  • Initial development
  • Formal review and implementation of changes
  • Review only and recommendations made for your company to implement the changes internally.

Radiation Management plans are:

  • Required by Legislation and Codes of Practice
  • Endorsed by Responsible Person (Company) and relevant regulator

It must also include:

  • Clearly defined roles, responsibilities and expectations
  • Provide working rules, emergency procedures
  • Provide for and require regular review

Source Security Plans

A security assessment should be performed against the criteria identified in the ARPANSA Code of Practice for Security of Radioactive Sources (RPS 11).

Radsol can assist with determining whether sources – or an aggregate of sources in one location – are classified as ‘security enhanced’ or not and advise on what an appropriate level of security will be.Use and Storage of sources categorised as Security Enhanced (Cat 1, 2 or 3) must be in accordance with an endorsed Source Security Plan and the Transport of these sources must be performed under an endorsed Source Transport Security Plan.

Annual Reporting

Annual reports should document the current radiation management status of your company’s operations, including current inventory (and movements) of radiation sources, operational achievements, events, and incidents in the previous 12 months, and they should detail the findings of your annual audit. Specific requirements for annual reporting vary depending on the type of radiation source you are using.

Should Radsol perform annual Compliance Auditing, we will be able to meet reporting requirements efficiently by producing a Site Visit Report that incorporates all the critical criteria. Site-time permitting, our Radiation Protection Advisors are generally able to combine site activities with an informal review of your site Radiation Management Plan, offering further value to our clients.

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