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Compliance Auditing

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Radsol can offer on-site compliance audit and certification services to satisfy all industrial Radiation Places and Radiation Sources standards across Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory. Our Radiation Protection Advisors (RPA) are accredited and licensed within each of these jurisdictions to conduct Compliance Auditing and issue Certificates. In Western Australia, Certificates of Compliance are issued by the Radiological Council based on our RPAs’ site audit reports.

Whilst on-site, Radsol representatives can also guide the development of risk assessments, installation and commissioning, and provision of radiation survey meters and personal dosimeters.

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Compliance, Certified

Upon successful completion of our training courses, we issue Certificates of Compliance for all industrial Radiation Places and Radiation Sources, including:

  • Borehole/Wireline Logging
  • Cabinet (security) x-ray equipment
  • Fixed Radiation Gauges
  • Industrial Lasers
  • Industrial Radiography (NDT) equipment
  • Pigging Isotope
  • Operations
  • Portable Density/Moisture Gauges
  • Portable XRF
  • Special purpose enclosed x-ray equipment (e.g., Diamond Sorting)
  • Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM)
  • X-ray Analysis equipment

Site Compliance Auditing

Site Compliance Audits have two (2) broad components:

  1. Individual radiation devices audit
  2. Radiation management systems audit surrounding the use of these devices.

Radsol will assess the following as part of site compliance audits:

  • Licensing and Registration requirements
  • Accuracy of information furnished to the relevant regulator.
  • Radiation Management Plan (including Emergency Procedures) – minor review only.
  • Accuracy of inventory and device movement log
  • Records and currency of wipe (contamination) tests; gauge audits and shutter checks
  • Survey meter checks; personal radiation monitoring; and gauge repairs and maintenance
  • Site radiation store
  • Site survey meters and personal radiation monitoring
  • Annual Reports
  • Special form certification – sources not beyond recommended working life

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Desktop Compliance Auditing – Fixed Gauges

Developed in consultation with the regulator during the COVID-19 travel restrictions, our innovative desktop compliance audit allows companies to empower field managers and suitably qualified personnel to work with RSWA to ensure compliance obligations remain met. This program may also eliminate the need for a Radsol Radiation Protection Adviser to attend the site physically while still allowing the delivery of a similar outcome to an in-person site audit.

Ancillary Services

Whilst on site, Radsol can also offer assistance with other similar and associated tasks, such as Radiological Risk Assessments and job planning, Installation and commissioning of devices and provision of radiation survey meters and personal dosimeters.

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