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What’s in a waste facility…

This is a short (and hopefully sweet) #RSWATalk we wanted to get out there given the timing is close and for the multitude of companies with radioactive waste in storage it will be welcome news we’re sure…

In Western Australia, we are blessed to have the only Class V intractable waste disposal facility (IWDF) in Australia at Mt Walton East.

This facility is operated by the State Government on a campaign type basis and is able to accept various types of low-level radioactive waste, including naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) and sealed radioactive sources.

The government has announced that the Mt Walton East IWDF is likely to be accepting approved waste early in 2020, in a notice to owners of low-level radioactive waste.

Radiation Services WA staff have been involved with the facility for almost 20 years. We can ensure a smooth transition from your facility to IWDF acceptance – interim storage, transport, legislative liaison, disposal permits and transfer of custody. If you’d like any assistance with your waste management, please contact Radiation Services WA at [email protected] or at 08 6117 4095.

It is also worth mentioning that a commercial alternative to the MWE IWDF is likely to be approved in the near future nearby at Sandy Ridge – another exciting prospect that Radiation Services WA are leveraged towards… which will be a whole other RSWATalk

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