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Responsibilities of Registrant – FAQ’s

At Radsol we’re seeking to support business continuity through engagement of the Radiological Council (RCWA) in terms of the provision of Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) consultancy services.  We intended to be proactive on behalf of our regulated community to provide coverage, where circumstances such as the loss of appropriately licensed personnel have occurred given the situation with COVID-19.

As you may be aware, there have been clear recommendations listed on the RCWA website in terms of business continuity planning, however, we’re still getting questions about compliance requirements and we wanted to answer some frequently asked questions that you too may still have:

Q. Do I need to advise the RCWA if I no longer have a suitably trained and qualified person to be our appointed RSO?

A. Yes see: Registrant Responsibilities

Q. Do I need to update my Radiation Management Plan (RMP); Radiation Protection Plan (RPP); Source Security Plan (SSP)?

A. It is advisable to review your plans, procedures and protocols as relevant to your registration, see: RSO Responsibilities

If you have other questions, or simply want us to perform a review of your existing plans and confirm any RCWA obligations you have (particularly relating to mitigation of potential non-compliance risks), don’t hesitate to reply to this email or call to discuss your individual circumstances.

We are in no way associated with enforcement of the Radiation Safety Act and conversations with our company are always held in the strictest of confidence, held to the highest standards of industry best practice and intended to be a collaborative process focussed the delivery of optimum outcomes for our clients.

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