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Advanced Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) Course

Radiation Services WA are pleased to announce the release of a 5 Day Advanced Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) Course in 2022.

Course Overview

RSWA offer a range of discrete RSO licensing courses that are specific to a single radiation purpose or use. This Advanced RSO course combines the learning outcomes of multiple radiation purposes, and offers further, advanced level learning and techniques for an RSO to enhance their capabilities in the workplace.

In addition to a range of RSO & Licensing outcomes relating to the below radiation purposes, this course offers further training in the areas of radiological risk assessments; enhanced survey meter use; analytical techniques; counting statistics; radioactive waste management; and dealing with Security Enhanced Sources.

This course provides participants with the skill and knowledge requirements to design and oversee radiation management in the workplace, including aspects such as:

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM): Radioactive material and radiation exposure assessment, including contaminated equipment; protection principles, hygiene, and PPE requirements; regulatory framework and responsibilities and implementation and oversight of Radiation Management Plans (RMP).

Fixed & Portable Radiation Gauges: Import; installation; auditing and compliance; radiation monitoring; wipe (contamination) testing; transport and storage; emergency response and disposal.

Transport of Radioactive Materials: Consigning; load management; storage & source security; legislative compliance and emergency response.

Industrial X-ray Equipment: Auditing and compliance; radiation monitoring; legislative compliance; and incident response.

Course Structure

  • An Introduction to Radiation
  • Radiation in Perspective
  • Radiation Dose, Measurement & Protection Principles
  • Regulatory Considerations
  • Procedures:┬áRadiation Management Systems; Security; Emergency Response
  • Focused Radiation Purposes: NORM; Fixed & Portable Radiation Gauges; Transport of Radioactive Material; X-ray Analysis Equipment
  • Analytical techniques; Counting Statistics; Radioactive Waste Management; Security Enhanced Sources
  • Practical Activities Integrated throughout the course
  • Practical & Theoretical Assessment

About this course

It is a requirement under the Radiation Safety Act 1975 that the use of NORM, Industrial Radiation Gauges, Industrial X-ray Equipment, and the Transport of Radioactive Material is performed under the supervision of a competent and licensed person.

This course is aligned with the following ARPANSA Codes of Practice:

  • Code of Practice for the Safe Use of Fixed Radiation Gauges
  • Code of Practice for Portable Density/Moisture Gauges Containing Radioactive Sources
  • Code of Practice and Safety Guide for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material
  • Code of Practice for the Safe Use of X-ray Analysis Equipment

A moderate level of mathematical understanding is required to successfully complete this course.

For more information, download a copy of the course syllabus below, or contact [email protected].


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